Peter Forbes

Training Area: Aberdeen

Peter Forbes is based in Aberdeen, and lectures in The Creative Industries: Television at a Skillset Media Academy where he has executive produced over fifty short films and has been teaching screenwriting for more than five years. As a working screenwriter he has trained extensively with Phil Parker and David Howard, is a tutor for the Writer’s Factory and is currently completing his MA in Screenwriting at the Scottish Screen Academy.

His short Downing is currently doing the festival circuit and he is in the midst  of writing two features; an epic action/adventure movie being developed with an L.A. based company for the U.S. Studios and a more intimate coming-of-age tale for the art-house market that is being developed with the producer of Downing.

He has also worked in graphic novels, the most recent of which was published as a member of The Sleepless Phoenix in the anthology Survival Stories.

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